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Chapter Twenty Six: Week 5 Story - The One That Got Away

*Author’s Note: I drew inspiration from the part in the Ramayana where Sita decided to prove herself by allowing herself to be taken back by Mother Nature. I specifically drew inspiration from the film by Nina Paley. It’s called Sita Sings the Blues. It’s absolutely amazing. Anyway, I wanted my story to be somewhat modern and sort of relatable. It seems almost YA novel-ish but I think this is where we see most of finding yourself type of stories anyway. In my story I didn’t want the female to have to prove herself again because she had already done so she was tired of it so I wanted her to be able to find her self and realize that in a really good relationship you don’t have to consistently prove yourself so that’s exactly what I wrote about here. 

Diana had gone through enough in her current relationship. She was sick and tired of being treated like she wasn’t enough. She had proven herself countless times, but it still wasn’t enough for him. Unfortunately, she still loved him and pro…

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